Why Is Metadata Important?

It is a must for every digital marketer to understand how metadata is the website’s main driving force to gain traffic. Without this element,it’ll be tough to demonstrate the context of what your web page is all about. This is especially of necessity for those who are running an ecommerce website.


To further explain the importance of metadata in search engine optimisation (SEO),take a look at some of the key functions of this feature below.


Provides Brief Summary of the Page

One of the primary functions of metadata in SEO is it offers a brief summary of what the page would be about. Meta descriptions and title tags are the attributes that are responsible of this task. You’ll see these tags on search results in the form of text snippet which practically give users and search engines a brief description of your web page.


Helps Send Signals to Web Crawlers

Meta robots tag is another attribute you will find in metadata. For those that are not familiar with this tag,this attribute is responsible in notifying bots on how to crawl and index web page. Its main purpose is to let the web crawlers know which among the pages and content are available for extraction of information. One of the most common meta robots tag would be the “noindex,nofollow” which signals that the page including its content are not meant to be indexed.


Prevents Duplicate Content

Canonical tag is another important function you could find in metadata. This code informs search engines on which URL has the master copy of the content. Many SEO professionals in Hong Kong emphasises the importance of this tag to avoid receiving penalty on having duplicate content. This is especially necessary if the content appears in multiple pages across your site. This will keep your site safe from getting any strike from Google.


Metadata provides a structured way to help you directly communicate to search engines and users. Without its functionality,it may be extra challenging to attract people and drive more traffic on your site. That’s why it pays to understand how it works,so you can use it to your advantage.



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